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Mastering your future of work

Mastering your future of work

2021 report preview: The end of work as we knew it

The future-forward script for business is here: Flexible, data-intensive and digitally oriented ways of working will be indispensable for responding to the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.


We are rewriting the rules of business: AI, algorithms, big data and IoT are defining signs. Back in 2016, The Work Ahead series saw nearly 2500 global businesses define the game and provide a roadmap.

What we learned about our work ahead

Mastering the Digital Economy

A new digital economy has emerged from a tidal wave of technological innovation. An economy based on platforms, algorithms, "things" and "bots" is generating immense value powered by ideas of the future.


Regional insights

The Work Ahead research includes insight about the future—from organizations around the world.
Europe's Digital Imperative

Get viewpoints from European businesses on how digital technologies will drive workplace innovation and impact the region’s future economic performance.

Asia Pacific’s Digital Divide

Asia Pacific businesses are experiencing a “digital dichotomy.” Learn what practical scenarios will drive success in the digital economy.

Technology and process insights

Hyper-Digital Transformation

Find out which critical technology trends businesses must embrace now to succeed in the digital age tomorrow.

Beyond the Process Silo

The Work Ahead research reveals how business leaders turbocharge efficiency, propel revenue growth and save more by digitizing core processes.

Industry insights

Banking and Financial Services has a Digital Advantage

Data tells us banking and financial services spend more on digital—and gain more—than the cross-industry average.

Healthcare in the Digital Age

There’s a digital way forward for the healthcare industry, and it includes transforming a value chain in need of drastic modernization.

7 Insurance Work Trends

Insurers that move past a risk- and change-resistant mindset will reap rewards measuring in the trillions for the entire industry.

A New Era in Life Sciences

Get insight into how digital transformation impacts life sciences and why drastic modernization is required to redefine healthcare delivery. 

Manufacturing’s Digital Future

New digital economics, skills and technologies are fueling innovation and modernizing the manufacturing industry.

Media & Entertainment's Next Phase

New Media & Entertainment strategies link customer interfaces to operations, preparing for the experience economy and a new way to work.

Retail's Leaders and Laggards

Digital leaders and laggards perceive the digital future differently. Find out what they must change to succeed.


Business intelligence

Jettison the Heavy Baggage and Digitally Transform

Transformation requires letting go of decades-old analog era paradigms that operate at a far slower pace than businesses need today.


Seven Jobs of the Future

How does the future look through the eyes of your children? Here are seven emerging areas/jobs set to grow massively over the next few years.

The Dark Side of Our Digital Lives

Using personal customer data is simply the new way most companies provide curated experiences.



Paul Roehrig, Ph.D.

VP, Strategy & Marketing, Digital Business Founder, Center for the Future of Work

Ben Pring

VP, Director, Center for the Future of Work

Robert Brown

AVP, Center for the Future of Work

Euan Davis

AVP, Center for the Future of Work, EMEA

Manish Bahl

Senior Director, Center for the Future of Work